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WTD EP 002 - From The Ashes

by Flaminia

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WTD February 2016 EP From The Ashes represents the process of change. The ashes are a necessary starting point to rise anew, having burned everything that was before. Whether it is for a radical change, for recovery or for gratitude, if you are not ready to completely reset the current state, a new evolution is yet far away from taking place.

“Awareness”, first “A” of change, is a broken melancholic rhythm, that gives a sense of suspension in time. Kick and bass find their own space without obscuring the scattered vocal sample which whispers into the listener’s ears.

“Acceptance”, second “A” of change, symbolises an awakening from the current state. Becoming conscious is an urge and the track’s lead reminds of that. The vocal sample suggests something is happening in the background, while the drums shake the track balance along the way.

“Action”, third “A” of change, brings together a distorted mechanical kick and a melancholic reverberated pad that combine in an apocalyptic soundscape. The track itself seems to drag along a distant echo of thoughts, while pushing forward the willingness to move further.

“Acceptance (Train remix)” creates an atmosphere of restlessness by pitching down the lead taken from the original version and adding a bouncing stab on top. Vocal cuts keep the vibe mysterious while the half-broken rhythm plays around.

"Have you ever been ready
to burn yourself,
moving from steady
and becoming dust?
How else can you rise anew
if you’ve never been bust?"


released February 26, 2016


Train (remix)

Stefano R Niumen Mastering



all rights reserved


Flaminia London, UK

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